I don’t love based on the color of someone’s skin, their political preference, or other beliefs, I love based on the content of your character. If you are a good person, that’s all I’m looking for. Quite frankly, that’s all this world needs. Everyone needs to do their best to be a good person. That’s not asking much. If you can’t be a good person, then just stay in your lane. The world could use all the positivity it can get and if you’re not bringing that to the table, you’re at the wrong party.

People Like Us

Well, I guess the title should be people like me, but I’m going out on a limb in saying I’m certainly not the only one. We are the ones who feel EVERY damn thing; hate, love, empathy, sympathy, you name it, we feel it in our soul. Yet, we never let anyone know it. Why? Well, we are the ones who are always strong for others. Letting them see us break would be detrimental to them. But, what about us? Who do we turn to in our moments of weakness, of grief, of distress. What about people like us? The ones who are too often taken for granted despite laying everything on the line for everyone else. We don’t make time for ourselves because we spend every ounce of energy feeling everything for everyone. We feel so alone at the end of each day as the thoughts come rushing to us as we lay awake at night. Could we have done more? Should we have done less? How did so and so deal with this? But what about people like us? Who is worrying about the people like us? We wake up each day after tossing and turning all night, just to do it all again. Often times forcing a smile to play it cool for those around us who need us to be strong. We have so much to be proud of, but feeling too much pride in ourselves isn’t part of our M.O. People like us want others to feel that pride for us as we do them, unfortunately it’s all too often not reciprocated. Don’t fret, people like us have learned to keep our armor on, we will continue to fight the good fight.

Where is the Love?

I’m writing this as I lay awake unable to sleep due to the state of fragility the United States is in. People are being killed by those who are supposed to protect and serve, riots taking place in response, a great divide and what just feels like the last straw. I can’t help but feel guilty. White privilege is real whether we’ve accepted that or not. Racial discrimination is unfortunately still VERY prevalent as well. I’ve never understood racism, I mean, I understand what it is, but how can people feel so much hate towards another person because they don’t look like them? My heart hurts for the oppressed, my friends who, admittedly I ignorantly never realized were still dealing with this shit. Truthfully, I’ve been one to try and justify the way law enforcement has handled certain situations, but when is enough enough? Why do black people continue dying? I write this and am really at a loss for words..I don’t want to live in a world where people of color, or gay people, or people who choose different lifestyles, have to walk on eggshells because they don’t know what they’re going to be dealing with around the next corner. I’ve always known and understood what white privilege is, but how does it still exist? Why am I afforded basic commodities (most would call BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS) and someone of color isn’t? It truly pains me to see what is happening. I want to be VERY clear, you are not born hateful. BREAK THE CYCLE. Parents, stop teaching your children they are better than someone because of the color of their skin. Instead, try instilling positive ways of thinking in them. Hate does not have to be generational, it’s not a trait that we need continued so please stop 🛑. We do not need more ignorance in the world, educate your children and BREAK THE CYCLE. I hope and pray that one day we can live in a country of solidarity and acceptance. While I fear this will NEVER happen, I will do my part and continue to love all. I just hope everyone else can as well. ☹️